Anthropometry as a Resource in the Learning Process of Ergonomics / Human Factors & Design

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Authors: Luz M. SáenzAna María LoteroEmilio CadavidGustavo Sevilla

Abstract: The Design Faculty’s Ergonomics Research Line at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) in Medellín, Colombia, which provides the basis for courses in Ergonomics and Design, has developed a series of didactic strategies that are included in the academic training of industrial designers. These strategies develop students’ ability to recognize – within a framework of Ergonomics/Human Factors – conceptual criteria, techniques and Anthropometric procedures for the design process. This proposal presents theoretical and practical activities designed by the Ergonomics Research Line of the Design Studies Group (GED) at UPB, within the framework of the Anthropometry for Design: Manual and Measuring Equipment research project. This project entails the development of Anthropometry approach exercises, a procedure for sizing objects based on anthropometric criteria. It has also led to a basic research process for the erGO research seedbed (thematic examination, current state of the industry and the development of a prototype of an instrument for measuring hands). The project also acts as a motivational endeavor for the students: through these proposals, they contribute towards the creation of a laboratory of Ergonomics/Human Factors from the anthropometric component.

Keywords: Anthropometry, Teaching-Learning Process, Ergonomics and Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001248

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