Space Usability Study from the Point of View of the Teacher in Public Schools from 1st to 5th Grade in the City of Bauru, SP, Brazil

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Authors: Adriana Lima CaversanJosé Carlos Plácido da Silva

Abstract: Spaces and furniture are considered pedagogical material having fundamental importance in the result of the performance of student's and teacher's work. For this study there was special attention regarding the application of teaching methodologies that rely on these physical elements. It shows how the teacher uses it in the evaluated places. Due this terms, a study was conducted in 34 classrooms among eight elementary schools with children between 6 and 10 years old in the city of Bauru in the state Sao Paulo, Brazil . In this study we compared the area differences found in the classrooms of these schools and impossibilities of applying distinct types of lay outs or assortments as well as the movement difficulties of the teacher in the classroom . This point was crucial because it is the basis of the usability of spaces and furniture in education from the point of view of the teacher. The amount and quality of space may cause some loss in teaching performance, because space may become a limit to the teacher's work.

Keywords: Ergodesign, Spaces, School Furniture, Work

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001249

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