Influence of Web Usability as Stimulus to Generate Positive Emotions

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Irma Cecilia Landa ÁvilaaLilia Roselia Prado Leónb

Abstract: The study of web usability has forayed into increasingly subjective scopes, such as user experience, where usability is regarded as a stimulus that may impact in the generation of positive emotions. This nexus between usability and positive emomciones still has several questions, since the studies show mixed results and have not been able to establish a critical relationship between them. However, there is a tendency to suggest that better usability is the trigger for express positive emotions about the use of that product. An usability test allow us get metrics about the usability components, which were analyzed in relation to the positive emotions reported by users through the PrEMO tool after using a design. Do the results we can assume that the relationship of the usability with positive emotions lacks a determinant structure, even if the frequency in which emotions like fascination were generated made us assume that it would be strongly affected by variations in the usability, otherwise the further analysis showed negative relationship and pointed that usability metrics like quality level of completed tasks and perceived mental effort are those that have a greater relationship with the expression of positive emotions.

Keywords: Web Usability, User’s Emotions, Positive Emotions, Design Software

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001252

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