Development of a Method Based on Ergonomics Activity Analysis in Order to Enhance Knowledge and Skills in Product Design Comfort

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Felipe MujicaLaerte Idal Sznelwar

Abstract: This paper’s purpose is to present and propose a method to enhance knowledge in comfort and discomfort in aircraft interior design, under Ergonomics Activity Analysis (EAA) methodological approach. Literature shows that comfort is an important subject to consider in competitive airlines market that may improve and differentiate companies and brands. Making a literature analysis and review, it was possible to verify that development of comfort in aircraft interiors design project is no easy task for engineers and designers. Moreover, comfort and interior design in aircraft are guided by several standards and rules, and these restrictions might diminish the possibilities on creation process. Notwithstanding, this paper proposes a multidisciplinary method originally developed to study comfort and discomfort in aircraft interiors, which are finally shown to be affordable to enhance capability in design product project.

Keywords: Passenger Comfort and Discomfort; Aircraft Interior Design; Automotive Interior Design; Product Design Capabilities.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001261

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