Prototype-Centered Design: For Better Interactive Design Process

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Authors: Manoel Guedes AlcoforadoaJosé Carlos Plácido da SilvabLuis Carlos Paschoarellib

Abstract: Several authors have talked about the complexity of the design activity, pointing several factors to its elevation, such as: globalization, reduction of the development cycle and product diversification, sustainability, rapid changes in user behavior, new materials and production technologies, ... it has expanded the research in methodology and stimulated the emergence of new technologies applied to the development of projects such as: 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies. In this context, after several research about methodology and design management, we find that the design process could become more interactive and efficient if the prototyping activity could assume the central role in the design process and if appropriate prototypes were used in each phase, stage and purpose of design. Those factors could improve the management, the communication inside the team and among other actors in the process and expand the insertion and evaluation of user requirements. Accordingly, this article will present the results of a doctoral research in design which proposes a new design methodology centered on the prototype and the results obtained after the completion of a projective challenge to experiment and validate that methodology.

Keywords: Exemplary Paper, Human Systems Integration, Systems Engineering, Systems Modeling Language

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001262

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