Usability Evaluation of MOSES (Monitoring and Operating System for Emergency Services Tablet)

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sarah Jane CarilloNeil Adam L. MarinasRichelle RelatorLorelie C. Grepo

Abstract: MOSES Tablet is a device specifically made for Filipinos to help prepare them for climactic disasters through its software applications. Currently in prototype stage, the tablet is not yet tested for usability. This study focused on the usability evaluation of the tablet before its deployment to different barangays all over the Philippines. Five officials from different barangays were asked to undergo the usability test. MOSES applications received high ratings on effectiveness and overall look and impression, but varied ratings on learnability and ease of use. NOAH and Arko are the top 2 desired applications by most test subjects, but they received the lowest ratings on ease of use. For NOAH, 3 of 5 test subjects had difficulty choosing the right option when checking a specific type of weather information. Most users agreed that performing tasks with Arko was difficult and more complicated than NOAH. Distinguishing between the functions of the two applications is quite difficult for one test subject. For other applications, issues about unrecognizable icons, illegible font size and hard to perceive message alerts were observed, among others.Given the findings from the study, it can be concluded that usability evaluation is indeed necessary in the development of MOSES tablet. Issues and problems that users encountered were revealed and thus could help in improving its design for the users.

Keywords: Usability Testing, Mobile Device, Disaster Risk Reduction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001263

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