Ergonomic Design Thinking - Approaching Ergonomics Through a New Way For Performing Innovation in the Workplace

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marcello Silva e SantosaMarcelo M. Soaresb

Abstract: Design Thinking is somewhat understood as a tool for acquiring design optimization but still far from being considered as an instrument for competitive advantage. The main idea to that approach is based on the concept that one can apply the kind of thinking designers employ when solving problems to business related or work system optimization. Instead of ordinary decision-making methods, designers resource to iterative processes. This translates into nonlinear reasoning and creative thinking. Thus, according to Design Thinking theory, we can apply innovative schemes and creative actions in the course of carrying out any kind of project, or even business venues. The proposition set forth in here approaches alternative project management methods in which workplace optimization is considered an end user product, like in HFE related processes contexts. Therefore, usability and participatory design is thought to be a necessary demarche to produce and user friendly work environment. A set of successful cases employing the preliminary versions of this “under construction” model, is presented through the text in order to both contextualize the methodology and validate its implementation. Final considerations ask for open participation from HFE professionals and academic community in general for ample consolidation of the model.

Keywords: Ergonomic Design, Design Thinking, Participatory Projects, Methodological Frameworks.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001270

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