Ergonomic Evaluation of Workstation Furniture for Wheelchair Users with reference to Brazilian Standards ABNT NBR-9050 and NR-17 on Ergonomics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carlos Maurício Duque dos Santos aPedro Luiz Oliveira Costa Neto aRosangela Ferreira Santosb

Abstract: This paper presents a case study using ergonomics methodology to design workstations for wheelchair users in administrative offices. The case study was conducted for a large financial institution in Brazil with headquarters in São Paulo-SP. The design project seeks to meet two existing technical standards in Brazil , one of them is Brazilian standard ABNT NBR-9050: Accessibility of Buildings, Furniture, Urban Spaces and Equipment and the other is Ergonomics standard NR-17 which sets out the minimum comfort requirements for workstation furniture . The furniture in question will enable the financial institution (a Bank) to hire operators who have locomotor disabilities so that they can work in their premises at workstations that meet users’ needs and address their limitations, as well as complying with the Labor Legislation and the Accessibility Legislation (the Law on quotas), thereby demonstrating a real social contribution of Ergodesign and Ergonomics as a whole.

Keywords: Ergodesign, Design Universal, Accessibility, Human Factors in Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001276

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