Classification of Seating Postures

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dan - Radu Moga

Abstract: A classification of seating postures is necessary for a systemic approach in chair ergonomics. The methodology used criteria for differentiating and grouping seating variants into categories. Morphological (hip flexion, trunk inclination, lumbar lordosis, and muscular involvement), functional (the relationship with working areas), and cultural criteria (conventional and unconventional) were brought into discussion with arguments for validation. Each valid criterion describes, by its degree of expression, two categories. Cases of particular interest were found, when two or more criteria behave interdependently. The combined categories, defined by several criteria, were used to build up a classification. Discussions resumed conventions and described multi-criteria categories.

Keywords: Seating posture, classification, conventional, unconventional, reclined, straight, sloped, lumbar lordosis, kiphosis.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001277

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