Time Structure Analysis in Task with Manual Components of Work

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: G. BednyW. KarwowskiI. Bedny

Abstract: A comparison of traditional work time study and the study of temporal parameters of operator’s performance demonstrate that they have both common and distinctive features. However, in both cases concept of time structure of performer’s activity should be considered. The term time structure is a new and important concept in the area of time study and work design. Very often we cannot design equipment or efficient methods of task performance if we do not know time stricture of activity during task performance. A fairly complex time structure of activity is encountered during a manual control of human-machine systems, where cognitive and behavioral actions have complex organization. Therefore, in this paper we consider time structure analysis in tasks with manual components of work.

Keywords: manual control in man-machine systems, motor actions, motor operations, strategies of tasks performance, method-time measurement system.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001222

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