Anthropometric Consideration of Interior Design of City Buses

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aleksandar Zunjic aSvetozar Sofijanic bEvica Stojiljkovic c

Abstract: There are numerous researches that are connected with designing of the bus driver's workplace. However, there is no a study that has been conducted in relation to the designing of the interior of city buses from the anthropometric aspect. It is noticeable the lack of existence of the methodology for collecting the relevant ergonomic data that can be used at the designing stage of buses for public transport of passengers. This article is primarily concerned with solving the problem of selection of relevant anthropometric dimensions that need to be considered when designing the city buses. On the basis of adopted criteria, certain number of relevant anthropometric dimensions is initially selected for designing the interior of buses. In addition, the initial methodological approach has been further improved by creating the new anthropometric dimensions (such is, for example, the comfortable grip height) that should be measured in connection with designing certain elements of the bus interior. These dimensions are named the comfortable anthropometric dimensions. For each new dimension, the measurement method is described. In addition, each dimension is associated with the function that it has in terms of designing and positioning of certain parts of the interior of the bus.

Keywords: City Bus, Anthropometry, Comfortable Anthropometric Dimensions

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001224

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