Development of an Evidence Based Toolkit to Support Safe Design for Children

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Suzanne O'ConnorPatrick Waterson

Abstract: Visual safety information for children is not well documented. The objective of this research was to identify key issues and requirements at each stage of the design lifecycle. The development and future implementation of a guide seeks to convert evidence-based guidelines into working tools for design practitioners. Semi-Structured Interviews (n=30) conducted August- October 2013 with experts involved in working with children. Including, designers, organisations, child safety experts, applied child development specialists, testing groups, paediatric, academic, Ergonomic and Human Factors Experts. Initial analysis of the interviews identified the main problems with implementing Human Factors and Ergonomics guidance, as well as knowledge needs of design practitioners and other experts. Results look towards development of the toolset to promote a more holistic prevention/ view of safety. Key issues in implementation of the toolset include lack of an accessible format, differences between groups involved in promoting safety, lack of co-ordination between the groups and further national and regional factors.

Keywords: Safety Information, Design, Lifecycle, Design for Children

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001288

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