A Campus-based Information Sharing and Communicating System for Collaborative Design and Decision Making

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Masatoshi Imai* Yoshio Moritoh*Yoshiro Imai**

Abstract: A campus-based information sharing and communicating system has been newly designed and implemented to realize network-based smart community like domain-oriented SNS for collaborative design and decision making in a relatively short period. For the sake of building large-scale poster for college promotion and the publicity of entrance examination, we must build up such a poster by means of the above information sharing and communicating system. We have taken some photos for candidates of poster, put them on exhibition with our system, and shared them with the determining committee's members on the system. This paper reports our system configuration and its application to real task of poster design. The system can play a role of such a design bed and communicating environment of collaborative design and decision making. With our system, we can perform the real collaborative design for poster creation in a short period. Its performance let the collaborative design and decision making more fruitful.

Keywords: Collaborative Design and Decision Making, Information Sharing and Communicating, SNS

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001298

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