Technique Analysis of Processing System for Traditional Japanese Paper Fan

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wang ZelongPorakoch SirisuwanChieko Narita

Abstract: Kyo-Uchiwa is a traditional Japanese paper fan. The each main production process of Kyo-Uchiwa was described and summarized in this paper. The ‘Momi’ process was focused, which is the most important step for Kyo-Uchiwa production. The participant’s muscle activity of ‘Momi’ making process was measured and compared by electromyography (EMG) between using different bamboos with 3 days and 4 hours soaking time during the whole ‘Momi’ process. The classic electromyography fatigue indexes of EMG, MNF and MDF, were used to investigate master’s fatigue state. As a result, the bamboo of Kyo-Uchiwa frame at 3 days condition was considered as suitable production material before ‘Momi’ process.

Keywords: Kyo-Uchiwa, Japanese fan, EMG, Fatigue, MNF, MND, Processing analysis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001308

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