The Ergonomic Evaluations of Three Front Baby Carriers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chao Yin WuabHsiao Rong HuangaMao Jiun Wanga

Abstract: This paper evaluates the physiological responses of three front baby carriers with different designs. Eight women (aged 23-31 y/o) were recruited to participate this study. Each subject was asked to carry two different weighted baby dummies (7kg and 10kg) using 3 different baby carriers and walk for 10 minutes. The average electromyography (EMG) of right upper trapezius, lumbar erectus spinae and rectus abdominis during walking were recorded. Skin temperature of right shoulder area and abdominal area as well as heart rate were recorded during walking. Immediately after walking, the Borg’s CR-10 scale was used to collect discomfort rating at various body parts. The results showed no differences in all three EMG recordings under 3 different baby carriers. Significant difference in 2 different weighted dummies condition was found in erectus spinae muscle. No difference was found in average heart rate under all conditions. For Borg’s CR-10 scale, significant differences were found in neck, right shoulder and left shoulder under different baby carriers and significant in right shoulder area under 2 weighted dummies condition. Based on the finding of this study, recommendations about the improved design of baby carrier are proposed.

Keywords: baby carrier, EMG, skin temperature, Borg’s scale

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001310

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