Emotional Design: How Pleasurable Environments Can Generate Value When Creating Smart Products

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rodrigo BalestraAmilton ArrudaAndre Arruda

Abstract: This article sets out to examine the relationship between men, the built environment and everyday objects so as to better understand what pleasurable products are and how designers can act to establish a symbiotic relationship between them and men, by making them more user-friendly, attractive, reliable and efficient. It is known that the “attraction” by a product is a form of positive emotional relationship. Therefore, assessing the various currents that place emotion as a necessary component in human life is fundamental if we are to understand and determine how people feel, think and behave in relation to others and to products and environments. A review of information contained in some studies that deal with the subject will be necessary to reach a better understanding of the subject and especially for a future methodological proposition about how to act in a methodological way when creating more pleasurable products and environments. Concepts like Affordance, Emotional Design, Interaction Man-machine-environment, Intelligent Environments and so forth, will be addressed throughout the paper in order to identify and discuss the physical, emotional and technological aspects that complicate life and, very often, minimize levels of satisfaction of our relationship with products and environments.

Keywords: accessibility; attractiveness; emotional design; technology; satisfaction.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001312

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