Redesign of Alarm Clock through Usability Evaluations

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Natalia AnayaJohn A. Rey GalindoMarcelo Soares

Abstract: This research seeks to contribute in the construction of evidence concerning the importance of usability for design and processes to ensure that products, once they are in the context of use, have a performance consistent with the conditions and characteristics of the user. Above, it is intended to make clear that today's technology gives us basic tools that can be used to simulate an environment of use and test design proposals which, in the end, will be a more reliable and effective product. To achieve the above, assessed existing and from the problems of interaction detected electronic product, two proposals were generated of redesign, in order to recognize if there were improvements over the original artifact. These proposals were evaluated from the simulation of its operation and use to an Adobe Flash program and with a touchscreen platform. The results reflected significant improvements with the redesign in multiple aspects, in particular with the #1 proposal and it became apparent that even though in some ways the simulation does not replace the functional prototypes, it is a very useful tool for the design.

Keywords: Usability, Used Simulation, Design Process

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001314

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