Ergonomics’ Valorization through the Systemic Design – Innovation for an Active Society

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rosângela Míriam Lemos Oliveira Mendonçaab

Abstract: Ergonomics is a discipline concerned with human well being and in making resources adequate to human activities. Nevertheless we witness that the pressure of the market, regarding economy of time and resources make activities that involve optimization, such as ergonomic planning, design and evaluation, be penalized by the cuts performed by the industry. On the other hand, customers do not make a firm demand for ergonomic qualities which are not easily recognizable and can be complex to be designed and evaluated. Therefore the resource to protect human well-being regarding the resources available for them to develop their activities exists but is not well known or even recognized.This work proposes the valorization of Ergonomic activities by means of joining forces with the Systemic Design methodology in the development of strategies for increasing the awareness of customers. It also presents an instrument, the model of Systemic Network of Integral Endeavors, to be used to create strong network of businesses that are fully sustainable and that understand the importance of the respect for the customer.

Keywords: Systemic Network of Integral Endeavors, Business Modeling, Sustainability, Systemic Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001319

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