Looking at the Ergonomics of the Environment of Customer Service Points in the Brazilian Public Sector

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ana Paula Lima CostaVilma Villarouco

Abstract: Given demands arising from verifying the conditions of use of customer service points in government departments and with a view to providing a suitable working environment for users, an ergonomic analysis was conducted in the built environments of each of three Brazilian government departments, deemed customer service points A, B and C. The ergonomic methodologies adopted were: a macro ergonomic analysis (GUIMARÃES, 2006), the systemic approach of the Human-Task- Machine system (MORAES & MONT'ALVÃO, 2003) and the Ergonomic Methodology of Assessment of the Built Space - MEAC (in Portuguese) (VILLAROUCO, 2009). Recommendations for the implementation of the locations of customer service points were drawn up based on the joint results of the ergonomic analysis. The main ergonomic demand was the proposal for a new physical arrangement of the sector. The sizing of the work stations will follow the anthropometric measures in order to contribute to defining the dimensional relationships between the individual and the task he/she performs.

Keywords: Ergonomics of the Built Environment, Serving the Public, Public Service

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001323

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