Ergonomic Intervention and Sustainable Innovation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sheila Cordeiro Mota

Abstract: Among the reasons interfering with the product development are the human being necessities concerning with activities that one has to do to make possible the action in his/her environment. In order to satisfy such necessities, the practice of Design allow us to find project solutions that yield the balance among several factors inherent to the process of product development, with exchange between the designers, who aims a positive reception for their products, and the end user, in conformity with their necessities. However, the process should take into account the preoccupations with the sustainable development that, according to the Brundtlando report, should be the simultaneous search for economic efficiency, social justice, and environmental harmony. The report also states that the industry should produce more with fewer resources, as well as adopt clean technologies, and proliferate the knowledge by means of financial support of the local and international organizations. This work describes the adaptation of two systems, the traditional roasting furnace of manioc flour and the combustion system by clean burning (downdraft). By making use of a clean technology for production, the resulting system pursues economical feasibility that can lead to social fairness, promoting environmental harmony.

Keywords: Design process, Sustainable development, Ergonomic values.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001327

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