Comparison Between Two Child-Resistant Packages (CRPs) Through a Usability Test With Elderly People

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gabriel Henrique Cruz BonfimLuiz Carlos Paschoarelli

Abstract: The present study aimed to conduct a usability test with elderly users, using two Child Resistant Packages (CRPs): one of them is the "Squeeze-and-turn" type and the other is the "Push-down-and-turn" type, in order to identify differences between genders and propose improvements in the design of the caps. The proposed task was to open and close the two packages. The results show that subjects had difficulties with both packages, however the push-down-and-turn package seems to be easier to open, but the satisfaction of use was higher for the squeeze-and-turn package.

Keywords: Design, Ergonomics, Usability, Child Resistant Packaging

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001335

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