Statistics of Accidents in the Portuguese Elderly Population: A Short Review

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: António Augusto RibeiroMiguel Corticeiro Neves

Abstract: This short review of accident statistics emerged from the need to characterize the loss ratio of the Portuguese population aged 65 or older (one-fifth of the resident population), as part of a larger ongoing study on national policies of risk management. Step three of five consisted of researching information on accident statistics within public organizations, within academic studies university programs and in full-papers. The statistical information obtained mainly reflects work accidents and does not include many of the other occupational activities of the elderly. The available information does not present data that support the characterization of the injured person, such as age. The elderly present individual conditions that characterize them as a vulnerable group when exposed to risk, with reflections in the accident rates. Considering the importance of human factors and the age of the injured person in the cause of the accidents, it seems appropriate and essential to specify the age of groups (65 or more years) in the accidents data, to respond to the information needs, to facilitate detection of changes in the level of occupational risk and products, as well as support the need for legislation and standardization of risk management issues in the activities of the Portuguese elderly population.

Keywords: Elderly, Aging, Accidents Statistics, Age Group.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001336

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