Surgical Pathologist’s Workstation Ergodesign

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Guilherme Nunes a Álvaro SampaioPaulo Simões

Abstract: There are many concerns about fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries associated with the postures a Surgical Pathologist is exposed to during the daily routine tasks. These professional’s tasks circle around data analysis based on the viewing of slides in a microscope, taking notes and compiling reports. Most of the time this is made seated on a desk which leads to bad postures and subsequently to postural malfunctions. The study is based on a three-step methodology: Literature Review, Field Research Procedures and Data Processing. The first step concerns a review of research in scientific literature. The review focus is the Surgical Pathology in general, and also in specific points such as the workflow and equipment related to this profession. The second step is centered in tests in a real environment, performed by Surgical Pathologists during their daily working routines in order to gather practical information. The data from the tests were captured both written and videotaped. From the theory and practical data acquired the information was processed in order to produce infographics that illustrates all the issues surrounding the Surgical Pathologist’s workstation. The final information will be used to design a new workstation that improves the working routines of the Surgical Pathologist.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Ergodesign, Usability, Surgical Pathology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001342

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