Design of Protective Clothing: Discussing the Brazilian Projects with Significant Ergonomic Attributes

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marizilda dos Santos MenezesCharles Ricardo Leite da SilvaJoão E. Guarnetti dos Santos

Abstract: This study aims to present research on protective clothing. Initially, we explain what are the garments of protection, importance of your research, and then we try to describe the relationship between fashion design and ergonomics in order to contribute to research on occupational safety. Contextualizing research on the topic, in order to reflect on the design of wearable devices, as investigated, garments of protection. To do so, carry on about the state of art of clothing. Finally, we address the particularities of a user-centered research, with a view to effective usability.

Keywords: Clothing, Personal Protective Equipment, Design, Garments, Protection

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001347

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