The Impact of Design Overkill Versus Ergonomic Considerations - Men's Jeans Trousers

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Authors: Marcos José Alves LimaLuis Carlos Paschoarelli

Abstract: Ergonomic design is a methodology that deals with understanding and predicting issues related to the interaction between human and many interfaces, culminating in the application of ergonomic and usability criteria in design. Among the many interfaces which humans face on a daily basis, which include a pen, the steering wheel of a car, the workplace in a company and information boards, are clothes, especially clothes in their relationship with fashion and the human body. In order to ensure the continuity of the fashion cycle, fashion design proposes alterations to the pieces of clothing, to give them a novelty appearance and operate at the symbolic level of the product. However, some alterations are made without considering ergonomic criteria of usability and functionality. This study aimed to evaluate, via direct approach to male jeans users, their perception regarding discomfort in relation to the design elements used for adding aesthetic distinction to products. A protocol were applied to 10 (ten) users, in order to assess their perception (Likert scale) of five (5) different products, of which one stood out significantly in several aspects of the evaluation. The products of the fashion category "over" had higher rates of general discomfort of the product.

Keywords: Fashion Design, Ergonomic Design, Jeans Trousers

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001349

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