Human Factors of ISO 9241-110 in the Intercultural Context

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rüdiger Heimgärtner

Abstract: ISO 9241-110 describes seven dialog principles that should be applied in human computer interaction design. In this paper, some ideas are presented regarding the question whether these dialog principles are valid in general with the same strength or when used in different cultures around the world if there are differences in their applicability and subsequently how this question can be tackled. First, the influence of culture on the user’s interaction with the system and on usability and usability engineering is elucidated. Second, cultural differences and methods to describe cultural differences such as cultural models are presented. Third, the analysis of the influence of culture on dialog principles is exemplified by the dialogue principle "suitability of the task". Finally, the results are discussed and challenges are identified. The ideas in this paper pave the way for deeper research in this area.

Keywords: Dialog Principles, ISO, Standards, ISO 9241-110, Culture, Cultural Dimension, HCI Dimension, HMI, Human Machine Interaction, Human Computer Interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001297

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