Constructing Interactive Virtual Scenarios for Investigating Human Behaviors in Pre-movement Time of High-building Fire

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hua QinXinxin FengWenhao Hou

Abstract: Many fires in high-buildings have indicated that behaviors of occupants in period of pre-movement are important for survival. Pre-movement time and the behaviors in the pre-movement time are currently referred as most important factors that influence on the time of start to evacuate. The objective of this study is to identify occupants’ behaviors in the pre-evacuation time and the period of the pre-evacuation in the event of high-building in the fire. This study proposes three kinds of factors based on the literature and characteristics of the domestic residential building and fire alarm, which are fire characteristics, building characteristics, human characteristics. Based on these factors, the earlier stage of the whole study constructs interaction scenarios of building interior in fire. Based on the interactive scenes, this study will investigate occupants’ performance in the period of pre-movement time.

Keywords: Interaction virtual scenarios; human behaviors; high-building fire

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100559

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