Exploring the Innovation Application of Web Camera Based on Business Models - Taking Parent-Baby Communication as an Example

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ming-Hsin LeeChun-Juei Chou

Abstract: In the high technique modern society, there are many ways to communicate with others. People anticipate the technology could not only connect to others but also help to sustain the relationship of family or friends. Recently, people turn to take internet as the main way to communicate. On the other side, in the phenomena of low fertility, the market in babies and children will be important in the future. This research wants to start from the existing web-video and web-communication technology and figures out the new ways to apply this technology in parent-baby communication or interaction. As one of the device in web-vision technology, web-camera is the device that being chosen to use in this research. Apply this technology in parent-baby communication. Let family realistically use this device, and have an interview to understand the experience that family use this device. After the interview, analyze the result and find possible way that applying this web-vision technology in parent-baby communication. Finally, use existing business models to think new application, and explore the innovation application of web-camera in parent-baby communication.

Keywords: web-video, parent-child communication, innovation application

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100548

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