Design of Studded Paving Block and Bollard Using LED for Assisting Walk of Low-vision People at Night

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kazunari Morimoto aNoriaki Kuwahara aTakao Suzuki bYoshinari Gyoba a

Abstract: Individuals with low vision tend to avoid going out at night. This is because moving around at night can be very dangerous. The number of individuals with vision-related ailments is increasing with the growing elderly population. There is a need to make moving at night safer for them. In this research, 2 devices using LED lights to guide pedestrians suffering from low vision are designed. The first device is a light emitting studded paving block. By blinking LED lights, the location of studded paving blocks can be confirmed from a distance. The second is a light emitting bollard between car lanes and sidewalks. Up until now, the position of bollards has been difficult to detect visually at night. Making bollards illuminate allows their position to be confirmed and creates a safer atmosphere for the pedestrian. In this research, the brightness level that individuals with low vision are most likely to notice was sought through experiment, and technology was developed to retain this light over a long period of time using minimal electrical current.

Keywords: Light emitting studded paving block, Light emitting bollard, LED

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100578

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