Concept and Development of Personal Mobility Vehicles for Indoor Use by Persons with Walking Difficulty

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Authors: Yuichi Sawada aYoshiyuki Higashi aKazunari Morimoto bMasanobu Nishimura c

Abstract: This paper presents a concept of personal mobility vehicles for indoor use by PERSONs WITH WALKING DIFFICULTY and its development approach. In recent years, many persons with walking difficulty desire to live independently in the house as long as possible. Especially, existing means of personal mobility vehicles (e.g. electric-powered wheelchairs) face a lot of problems of obstacles in the house such as there exist many steps, furniture, narrow corridors and aisles and so on. In order to live in house independently, the persons with walking difficulty try to do light working. For these purposes, a new type of mobility vehicles for such persons are required to live independently in the house. In this paper, we investigate the new concept of personal mobility vehicles for persons with walking difficulty living independently in the house and its feasibility of development. The required specifications of the proposed personal mobility vehicles are to have compact size, light weight, and omni-directionality. Furthermore, this personal mobility vehicle has the elevation seat and the softness of the seat to change the person’s position for light working.

Keywords: Exemplary Paper, Human Systems Integration, Systems Engineering, Systems Modeling Language

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100579

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