Study on Preferred Gestural Interaction of Playing Music for Wrist Wearable Devices

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Euichul JungYoung Joo JangWhang Jae Lee

Abstract: Recently, many gesture-based interactive devices have been developed. Gesture is one of the most intuitive and natural ways to communicate each other, so gesture recognition technology is becoming huge issues in interaction design. Wrist wearable devices such as smart watches, Nike FuelBand, and Samsung Galaxy Gear are vitalized on the market, and there are attempts to control the wrist wearable devices with gestural interaction. In order to design more user-centered devices, development of gesture standards which gesture is appropriate for which operation becomes very important. In particular, there are two different situations gesture interaction is required: 1) people control objects that exist around then such as TV and vehicle, and 2) people control objects put on their body such as smart watch. This paper assumes that the two different situations may require different gesture interactions. The goal of this paper is to reveal preferred gesture interaction for wrist wearable devices. The function of playing music is selected for the experiment because it is most common and popular function on almost all digital devices. This paper consists of three parts: 1) collect existing gesture signal conventions and categorize them, 2) conduct a survey to find out preferred gestures for each function of playing music in two different situations, and 3) analyze the result for defining the most preferred gesture interactions and considering rationales for designing gesture interaction for wrist wearable device.

Keywords: Gesture, Gestural Interaction, Wrist Wearable Device

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100581

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