A Suggestion on the Development of Children’s Safe Clothes Design Using Complementary Colors Effect

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Authors: Yun Hee LeeKyungbo MinJi Eun KimYoolee Kim

Abstract: Some of pedestrian accidents are caused the drivers can’t distinguish pedestrians from surroundings, especially on the rainy/foggy/snowy days and nights. To reduce the pedestrian accidents, some children’s raincoats are designed with evident colors. And street cleaner’s uniforms use fluorescent fabric in the same purpose. According to the recent reports, flickering lights can improve object’s visibility more than fluorescent colors in the dark environment. The purpose of the proposed study is to develop safe clothes design applying complementary colors and blinking and moving LED lights. The implementation technology of complementary color and blinking LED effect for improving visibility of pedestrians that help to reduce the number of traffic accidents. This study contains 3 contents. First, before verifying a hypothesis that complementary color helps pedestrian to be recognized, it needs to be formed an algorithm. Inevitably, general color sensors hardly detect surrounding colors. Unless they are approached to subject’s surface to detect, its accuracy would not have enough effectuality. So, in this paper tries to find the algorithm that helps effective detecting by using camera. It includes computer vision technology and helps to find accurate surrounding environment’s colors. Second, this study developed a children’s raincoat applying technology that detect main color of the surrounding environment and show LED lights of its complementary color. The raincoat would help to reduce children’s traffic accidents on a rainy/foggy/snowy or any type of day. We also developed user scenario in order to explain several situations. The last, we conducted the examination to verify the effectiveness of technology and suggest the possibility of various clothes design. The method and steps for examination are as follows. Build 4 Color sensors(TSC3200S), LEDs, Arduino platform in rain coat. The color sensors attached front, back, right, left sides on raincoat detect each main color of surroundings. Then Arduino platform convert the detected color to complementary color then, show LEDs. This study would be useful to street cleaners’ uniform design who exposed to more danger and general pedestrians’ accessories.

Keywords: pedestrian accidents, children’s safety clothing, complementary color, flickering effect, color sensor, RGB LED strip, Arduino

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100584

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