How to Design Great Emotional Experience for Mobile User Interface?

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dongbin Tobin ChoaJongwoo JungaInsik MyungaHyewon LeeaPatrick W. Jordan b

Abstract: Emotion is easily recognized but difficult to define. For example, emotion has been a famous topic for a long time in user experience (UX) design. However, it has been a question of long standing how to systematically evaluate and design emotion, while maintaining qualitative aspects of emotion (e.g., not-measurable aspects). We developed the systematic tool for emotional UX design, while leaving some room for designer’s creativity. To develop the tool, participants performed various tasks using smartphone, generating both positive and negative emotions. Once people’s emotions were identified, ideal emotional journey, consisting emotional solutions, were created. In order to create ideal emotions, general design principles were proposed. Finally, more specific UX solutions were developed based on general design principles. Some of our UX solutions were applied to design new messenger for smartphone, emotionally augmenting communicating experiences.

Keywords: UX, Emotion, Design, Mobile, Smartphone, Solution

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100585

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