Effects of Loading Lags and Displays on Television Viewing Experience

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sheau-Farn Max LiangJiunn-Horng Lian

Abstract: Information communication technology industry now focuses on the market of interactive televisions. However, user requirements in this growing market have not been fully understood. Television viewing experience can be regarded as a type of user experience, and this study aims to assess the effects of video loading lags and displayed loading indicators on users' television viewing experience. A 2×5 between-subject factorial experiment was designed. The first independent variable was the loading display with two types: a text-only animation and an animated text with a running percentage bar. The second independent variable was the loading lag with five durations: 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 seconds. One hundred university students were recruited as participants to watch two music videos with an assigned loading lag and display in between, and then to complete a questionnaire about their satisfaction and pleasure. Results showed that there was a significant effect of loading lags on user interaction satisfaction and pleasurability. A marginal significant effect of loading displays on pleasurability was also found. Post-hoc comparisons revealed that the loading lag should be limited up to 15 seconds for maintaining satisfaction, and up to 10 seconds to sustaining pleasure. Findings of this study can provide useful guidelines for the design of interactive televisions.

Keywords: User Experience, User Satisfaction, Pleasurability, Loading Time

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100589

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