Impact of Multidisciplinary Teams on the End-User Consideration in the Building Industry

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Authors: Xavier Latortue ab

Abstract: Building construction projects are characterized by a sequential process that includes an important amount of stakeholders. In most cases the end-user is a direct customer of the contracting body which is a direct customer of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) companies. Literature tends to describe the consideration of end-user needs by the building construction industry as less developed than the manufacturing industry. The objective of the paper is to study how the multiplicity of actors impacts the consideration and therefore satisfaction of the end users by the companies. The study was realized with the help of a contracting body company throughout a project which allowed us to interview actors from different professions. Exploratory analysis is divided in two parts. First of all we produced a mapping of the building design process, then we identified to what extent decisions of professionals are based on identified end-users needs. The first results tend to indicate that the level of awareness of companies toward the requirement of the other stakeholders differs depending on their level of interaction with those stakeholders. Further development of this analysis will help to conclude on the interdependence between the fragmented organization and the end-users needs consideration by the companies.

Keywords: Building, Design Process, End Users, Architecture, Process Integration, Customer Satisfaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100590

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