Challenges of Designing a Life-Log Sharing System – The Pensieve

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Authors: Ahreum LeeJieun KimHokyoung Ryu

Abstract: Although the privacy issue is still debated, an incessant interest and attention on the life-log could be explained by its potential applications. Though there are many challenges to realize its potentials, life-log as one’s memory aiding tool has been paid much attention. A series of images captured by the wearable camera are too voluminous and useless to keep the whole data to the collection owner. What the users really want to get from the device is not to review their own whole past life, but retrieve their meaningful moments, further share their meaningful experiences with others. In this regard, the author limited the role of life-log, as resourceful life hints that could give opportunities to reminisce one’s meaningful experience and exchange their experience with others. In this position paper we discuss what is necessary to consider to build a life-log data sharing system for our future research direction, (i) what one’s meaningful experience is; (ii) How the meaningful experience could be defined with life-log data; (iii) How the meaningful data conveys to the 3rd person to exchange and share one’s experience effectively.

Keywords: wearable camera, visual life-log, experience-transferor, experience-transferee, meaningful experience model, experience-sharing system, medium, storytelling.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100595

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