Design Algorithm for Empathy

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hyuna Park

Abstract: Emotional design is a design theory that takes the emotional values/effects of users into consideration in the design process. This theory has been devoted to the appearance of the final product with integration of an emotion and/or interactivity. Emotional design is closely related to user behavior research as it often incorporates physical interactions with the users. However, the study of the user behavior is often limited to the instant interaction with the users without consideration of cultural and social behavior. The article, Design Algorithm for Empathy, emphasizes a more systemic approach within the emotional design process, which should involve strategies created from service design research and that of sociology. The paper argues that the execution of emotional design should involve a significantly more comprehensive research on cultural and social sources. The article is also concerned with the focus merely on the appearance of the design, which may result in superficial and temporary problem solving tactics rather than a more sustainable strategy.

Keywords: Emotional Design, User Behavior, Empathy, Systemic Perspective, System Design, Service Design, Sustainable Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100599

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