Invisible Boundary in Design, Emotional Safety Net

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Cliff Shin

Abstract: As our society gets complicated and faster than ever, we have much relied on technologies in order to keep our lives intact. Moreover, new technologies are introduced every day and every month, and it is hard for the users to keep up with the technologies. This phenomenon contradicts between the users and trends, the users seek out better technologies, simultaneously, and the users tend to keep their old habits and are harder to be swayed to get into a new system than times with fewer technologies involved in because the users tend to stay in their comfort zones in scope of artifact. Nowadays, interconnected and interrelated technologies make even harder for the users to move to the new system. The comfort zone from the users plays a big role in not only design, but also marketing field, brand loyalty. Once the users create their comfort zone in scope of artifact, the users establish “emotional safety net” in scope of artifact. This paper will define, “emotional safety net in design” and explore how to incorporate to design process.

Keywords: Industrial Design, Emotional Safety Net, Pain Factor, Metaphor

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100600

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