The Neural Basis of Intuitive Decision Making

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Barbara Wachowicz

Abstract: Understanding the neural mechanisms of intuitive decision making is an important social and economic issue which may contribute to optimizing the managerial procedures and to support the evaluation of intuitive critical decisions made under pressure of time. The review aims to discuss the cognitive and affective processes underlying intuition, the differences between the neural correlates underlying rational and intuitive process of decision making as well as the possible differences in neural mechanisms of expert versus ‘non-expert’ intuition. Since the research concerning intuition are relatively new on the ground of neuroscience, the current state of knowledge is very limited and answers for many questions are unclear. However, the following review distinguish several neural correlates that are assumed to be specific for the intuitive process, the intuitive decision making and even for the expert intuition.

Keywords: Intuition, Decision Making, Neural Mechanisms, Expert Intuition

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100384

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