Visual Strategy on Driving in Simulator of Urban Bus

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bronislaw KapitaniakElżbieta GadzickaMarta WalczakMarcin KosobudzkiZbigniew JóźwiakPiotr ViebigAgata SzyjkowskaTeresa Makowiec-DabrowskaJadwiga SiedleckaAlicja Bortkiewicz

Abstract: A group of professional bus drivers have done two rides on a city bus simulator – the fist one into the city centre and the other one in the suburbs. One dangerous incident was simulated during each ride. The visual strategy was evaluated by the FaceLab system comprising two pairs of cameras, one facing the road and the other to the left side. The main selected criteria of the visual strategy included the number and duration of gaze fixations. Furthermore, eyelid movements (PERCLOS index) and pupil diameter were recorded. The results were subjected to a statistical analysis.

Keywords: Driving Simulator, Eye-Tracking

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100393

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