Paradigm of Unity - a New Holistic Paradigm in Management Sciences. Ergonomic and Spiritual Aspect in Theory and Practice

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Stanisław Grochmal

Abstract: A paradigm of unity and its application in the management sciences is presented in the paper. This innovative approach has anthropological, economic, cultural, ergonomic, and spiritual aspect and concerns each human activity. These aspects are discussed in the paper. The novel character of the paper lies in the consideration of ergonomics and spirituality as constitutive elements of the management process. The paradigm of unity in economics and management sciences is expressed by the idea of the economy of communion which has been implemented for more than twenty years in 800 enterprises worldwide. The analysis of management processes in these businesses (also from the ergonomic and spiritual point of view) is presented in this paper. The results of research carried out in 110 businesses worldwide are presented. For six content dimensions of paradigm of unity the weight coefficients are evaluated on the basis of experts’ opinion and then the degree of implementation of these dimensions in practice is determined, based on questionnaires filled in by entrepreneurs. The conformity of the idea with practice is quantitatively calculated and is used as a numerical metric of the quality of management. This approach in management sciences is a new one. It is a modern, holistic and integrated vision of management.

Keywords: Paradigm of Unity, Spirituality in Management, Economy of Communion, Ergonomics, Holistic paradigm.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100398

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