Data Sources and the Uncertainty of Information (UoI) Experimental Research

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Adrienne RaglinAleah EmletJustine CaylorJohn RichardsonMark MittrickSomiya Metu

Abstract: Information plays a vital role in the courses of action taken on the battlefield. In the era of increased available data and a wide variety of sensors there are various potential sources of rich data that can be collected. However, the uncertainty related to the sources of the data remains a challenge that needs to be addressed for supporting actions and decisions. Sources of data can include categories such as information, network, devices, and visualization. To address this challenge, DEVCOM ARL researchers conducted an experimental user study with 26 soldiers of varying military occupational specialties (MOSs) and years of service (YOS) to get there input. For the user study two scenarios were presented to uncover potential patterns of concerns soldiers’ may have related to uncertainty of information (UoI). This allows additional study to better understand soldiers’ decision-making processes particularly when considering selected categories of sources of information and associated uncertainty. The results of the experiment will be used to continue the research into artificial reasoning for creating more adaptable and trustworthy intelligent systems to aid the warfighter.

Keywords: Uncertainty Of Information, Experimental Research, User Study, Intelligent Systems, Data Sources

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001032

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