Art-technology: contributions to future intertwining of creative action

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Silvia Laurentiz

Abstract: The main interest of this paper is to present how art can contribute to the process and development of computational algorithms - in particular, for artificial intelligence. The rationale for this work is that we can no longer underestimate technology as a mere instrumental manifestation; much less believe in its supposed neutrality, since technology brings the dominant discourses embedded in it; and a critical posture is necessary to think about future creative actions with the use of technology. This makes the artist and the art fundamental pieces of this puzzle of representational systems, modeling, and creative cognitive procedures. The premise is that understanding these representational systems and their procedures opens a field of possibilities both for the artist's experiences and for the computer scientist in the development of their programs, in intertwining of creative actions.

Keywords: Ai, Art, Computational Algorithms, Conformed Thoughts

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001034

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