Smart healthcare service system for elderly based on AIoMT

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shuang LiangMin ZhouPeian YaoFrancesca Tosi

Abstract: In the age of digitalization, digital technologies offer incredible opportunities to the healthcare sector. No matter where elderly people are, they have to interact with various digital devices in the real world. By using digital sensors, smart devices, Internet of Medical Things, big data, cloud/edge computing, Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies, the smart system can observe and analyze the lives of the elderly, dynamically access their information and data, connect people, materials and institutions, and then actively manages and responds to their demands in an intelligent manner. The system can promote interaction and cooperation among social institutions and all stakeholders, help organizations and individuals make informed decisions through information sharing, facilitate the rational allocation of resources, and finally ensure that elderly people can get the services they need. The smart system can integrate and coordinate social systems to realize the dynamic and refined management of the elderly.

Keywords: Healthcare Service System, Ai, Iot, The Elderly

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001047

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