Quantitative evaluation method of small and medium-sized residential layout

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Junhui FeiBeibei Sun

Abstract: The layout of a family dwelling has a significant impact on the living quality. Therefore, evaluation of the layout is very important. For the purpose of evaluating the layout of dwelling quantitatively, referring to spatial syntax, in this paper, three two-dimensional indicators, namely convenience, privacy and utility, are proposed after analyzing users’ psychological process and demand. First, dividing the interior plane into different sections, such as master bedroom and second bedroom, and then a mathematical model was proposed to calculate the relationships between each section including accessibility and correlation of each area referring to users' demands, so that users can evaluate the layout mathematically. The mathematical model provides a simple evaluation method for designers to design the apartment. It also provides a scientific basis for users to set out or remodel the apartment.

Keywords: Layout Evaluation, Spatial Syntax, Quantitative Method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001048

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