Developing a software for the affective image tests using eye tracking technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Juan UguñaJuan Pablo ZúñigaAndrea BarreraAndrea ArgudoAlexandra BermeoOmar Alvarado Cando

Abstract: The development and implementation of software that consists of digitizing a psychological test, in synchronization with the acquisition of eye biosignals is presented. The test uses 32 affective images from the IAPS and OASIS sets, implemented in the PsychoPy software, allowing the establishment of presentation times for visual stimuli, colors, texts, etc. For the calibration and acquisition of data, such as fixation times, first gaze, saccadic movements, and heat maps, the use of Gazepoint Control and Gazepoint Analysis is necessary. The software was validated by a group of psychologists with a population of 3 children, 3 adolescents, and 4 adults, with a duration of 8 minutes. From the pilot test, a survey was conducted among psychologists, obtaining a score of 9.22 out of 10, resulting in the validation of the software.

Keywords: Eye Tracking, Affective Imaging, Oasis, Iaps, Psychopy, Gazepoint, Saccadic Movements.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001052

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