Balanced HSI for Energy – A System Dynamics Model for Energy Systems

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marcel BaltzerMarcel UsaiFrank Flemisch

Abstract: New technologies offer new potentials to tackle everyday challenges, but this has only a chance to become true if technology is intelligently integrated with humans, organizations and environment. A good balance between different stakeholders and tension fields is one of the most challenging research questions of Human Systems Integration. Especially in the field of energy, where huge pulls from en-vironmental and societal demands into different directions meet technological pushes from new energy sources and methods. First, a short introduction to the electricity market in Europe is given. Afterwards, the relations between different systems are modelled into a system of systems, fo-cusing on the electricity offering and electricity demanding systems. Relevant sys-tem qualities are analysed. The paper continues developing the system dynamics model and brings the subsystems into relation with each other. It concludes by testing the system dynamics model with alternative approaches in the transfor-mation of the European energy system.

Keywords: Electricity Management, Energy, System Dynamics, Simulation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001059

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