Effective Application of Cloud Platform in Classroom Online Teaching

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Authors: Xuan MengShiwen Hu

Abstract: In recent years, with China entering the "Internet plus” , China' s distance education has entered a period of profound transformation based on information technology. The rapid rise of online education has brought new opportunities and challenges to the development of educational reform and teaching. Online education, or E-Learning, is a method of content dissemination and rapid learning through the application of information and Internet technologies. " E" stands for electronic learning, efficient learning, explorative learning, experiential learning, extended learning, extensible learning, easy-to-use learning and enhanced learning.In the "Internet plus" era, education and learning are more universal, autonomous and free, online education is a" Internet plus" environment of the pan-network education, emphasizing the full development of modern education technology, especially the advantages of internet technology, and advocating that everyone can learn, always learn and everywhere.In this era of information explosion, access to information through the lnternet is the most convenient way. And no one can talk about the Internet without mentioning the Cloud, its computing power and storage capacity are superior, and its software application power is more diverse, which can let the user take what they want, at any time. This makes the Cloud its own characteristics, which can be summed up in four “V”, the volumn, the velocity, the variety, the veracity.Since the outbreak of the new crown, offline education has been severely affected worldwide. In response to this situation, many countries have launched online education. Cloud Class has emerged and gradually become universal and at present, it has been more and more recognized and popular. Especially after the announcement of the Chinese government' s policy of “double reduction”.It has reduced the burden of schoolwork for primary and middle school students and reduced their participation in out-of-school training institutions.Therefore, China' s application and demand for online education will be more extensive.The use of Cloud Class in education has created an entirely new educational system in which students can browse educational resources at any time using any Internetenabled terminal (such as a mobile phone, tablet computer etc ), thus achieving personalized self-learning, and teachers can use the platform for teaching discussion and teacher-student interaction.But while the rapid rise of online education and the Cloud Class bring great opportunities and convenience to the development of educational reform, there are many shortcomings and challenges such as how to accomplish the teaching goals effectively without self-restraint, how to improve students' knowledge and abilities, how to make and organize online courses for their personal interests and how to transform teachers from traditional communicators and indoctrinators into organisers and facilitators of teaching activities.This paper mainly aims at the background of the popularization of online education, analyzes the current situation of the application of Cloud Classroom at home and abroad. And then compares the function of the existing online education teaching platform software, and probes into the existing problems of cloud teaching. Finally, the article will propose some countermeasures targeting of issues to improve the effective application of the cloud platform, hoping to give some inspiration and reference to the online educators and researchers.

Keywords: Online Education, Cloud Class, Cloud Platform, Teaching

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001060

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