Making wireless charging a reality: A real-world mixed methods evaluation of vehicle alignment

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Arun UlahannanKatie ZdanowiczCameron BowieStewart Birrell

Abstract: Wireless charging could allow drivers to better manage their vehicle’s range through more frequent, if slower, charging. However, accurate alignment between the vehicle and the ground pad is crucial. 12 participants were asked to align either the front or rear of a wireless-enabled vehicle, with a ground pad; both with and without the support of an in-vehicle alignment HMI. We found that participants were most accurate when front aligning the vehicle. The alignment HMI significantly improved longitudinal alignment in all conditions. However, when front aligning, lateral alignment was not significantly improved by the HMI. Alignment was poorest when the vehicle pad was at the rear of the vehicle. We found that 100% of participants could align accurately enough to begin charging with the aid of the HMI, followed by only 17% for unassisted front aligning and 0% when rear aligning; highlighting the importance of pad location and HMI support.

Keywords: Electric Vehicles, Wireless Charging, Hmi

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001070

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