Transfer of Information Derived from the Content of Virtual Products of Mass Distribution

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lorena Olmos PinedaJorge Gil Tejeda

Abstract: The Web Sites have different characteristics, information content and can be designed with many different purposes. In educational environments this kind of objects can be used as virtual classrooms to organize information., It has been detected that one of the factors that modifies and guides the inter-action processes with a person as well as the activation of the Focus Atten-tion subsystem in these Virtual Products (VP) is the kind of information that these objects contain. On these preliminary studies based on the use of net-works, the behavior of the activation of sensory mechanisms in relation to the compositional elements that integrate the VP was analyzed in a group of university students in the Design area. The results shown that there was a transfer of information from TOP to BOTTOM type. The intention of these studies is to understand the particular behaviors that are derived from these massive objects.

Keywords: Virtual Products, Website, Focal Atention, Emotions, Human Interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100946

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